Edgewonk Website Review

About the Company:

Edgewonk is a popular trade journal that lets you quickly find your point. For any professional trader who wants to compete and succeed in this market, a trading journal is a must-have device. Edgewonk allows you to expose and surmount any weak spot in your company. Edgewonk is free journal trading application that provides a relatively detailed review of your trades. The benefit is the opportunities of modification so long as you insert comprehensive notes and tags for each trade. And, since its tech, you only have to subscribe for it once; there’s no recurring subscription. The disadvantage is that the trader purchase tool service for US-based stock brokers is almost non-existent but rather focuses mainly on a handful of common forex traders and websites like MetaTrader4.


Best Selling products:

The most popular selling products include Edgewonk trading journal, trading journal with development program, and trader development program. A trading journal is a device where you submit your trading information to evaluate your outcomes and actions and then provide actionable feedback about what to do to boost your trading output. For any professional trader, a trading journal is a should-have as it not only keeps you responsible and offers order in your routine and regular trading, but also informs you where your abilities and shortcomings are and how to solve them. 

Evaluate techniques individually, Interactive investment graph, Boost market management, Automate order placement, Stronger trade exits, Future success model, Optimal trading entries, Holding time and danger indicators, Psychology edge Forex, stocks, futures, CFD, Spreadbetting. The perfect blend of the specialized trading journal Edgewonk and our special program in trading growth is an amazing addition to learn at your own pace by saving lot of your money. The trader training program at Edgewonk is the first and only course that teaches traders how layer by layer become smarter.

Payment and Delivery Options:

The company offers payment through PayPal or credit card. You can pick between the two choices during the payment process and you’ll immediately be directed to a safe transaction location. Prices, as seen on the website, are gross prices that exclude VAT; VAT of 19% applies only to European Union customers; VAT of 20% applies to UK tourists. All costs are in US Dollars.

Why should you buy Edgewonk?

Edgewonk teaches you how to place your stops to prevent the shooting, where to put your goals to maximize the size of your champions and which deals do not make money for you. They have built a series of specific algorithms that allow you automate not only your business entries but also your position of orders, and thus help you in perfecting your trades. 

Edgewonk comes with a collection of characteristics of sentiment that will help you develop your performance and keep you out of company you shouldn’t be in.Unless they could stop making needless errors, most brokers would be much closer to successful trading. The psychological functions of Edgewonk have been designed to do just that for you. This way it limits your possibilities of committing any mistakes while dealing with traders. 

Edgewonk is the one stop solution for all trade-related matters. Store your trading information, monitor behavioral elements, add up to 4 screenshots per transaction, and allow Edgewonk to easily understand all data points.

When you consider intriguing trading ideas join your expected trades in Edgewonk. After activating trade, shift it to the journal to complete trade. If you skip trades join them in the missing trades’ area of Edgewonk and look for ways to skip fewer trades. The trade session function is your analysis forum where you can check your business days, week or month. Make a record of important lessons, and work with your client.

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