WhatsApp to soon make Money from Business Messages

With increasing advancements in communication and technology, people resort to new methods of bonding, communication, and business. Social network giant Facebook has started a way to profit from WhatsApp with a plan to connect organizations with clients. Facebook has been testing a “WhatsApp Business” tool. This tool is meant to bridge the gap between clients and businesses. They have been testing this tool for almost 90 organizations including Uber and Singapore Airlines. In an online post, Facebook mentioned how they were introducing a solution for organizations so that one can start a conversation on WhatsApp from an ad on Facebook.

Whatsapp Business allows companies to broadcast “Non-promotional” content like shipping, cost charges, delivery instructions or route specifications. Companies can respond within 24 hours and late responses will be charged. The messages are charged between 0.5 cents to 9 cents mostly depending on the user country. They can be sent by humans or by using bots.

What does the new “Whatsapp Business Tool “do?

  • It will connect clients and business owners
  • It will connect the numerous ads on Facebook and divert them into a communicable medium that is WhatsApp.
  • It also will in future provide the option of payment through WhatsApp.

What are the Advantages of the new tool?

  • It will help people discover your business and grow a relationship
  • It will increase awareness about new areas where growth is possible
  • There will be more customer interaction and communication
  • One can answer customer’s questions in a free, fast and efficient manner.

Will this lead to a spam of business messages?

This will not lead to an over flooding. This is because-

  • Businesses can send only selective messages so there is no clutter
  • Since messages are encrypted, one can block a business if they are not interested.

Facebook intended to slowly make the new device accessible to more organizations, concentrating first on organizations with a solid need to oversee client correspondences. It wants to start small to eventually capture the market in this hitherto untouched arena. This is specifically important considering how Facebook has been performing in the share market. The effect of the data privacy scandal is not lost and there is a slow user growth.

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