' /> America’s Fastest Growing Vape Pen Startup Raises $1.2 Billion

America’s Fastest Growing Vape Pen Startup Raises $1.2 Billion

A vape pen startup based in the USA has recently hogged the limelight with its news of raising $1.2 billion for an overseas expansion program. This addition has made the company be valued at approximately $15 Billion. With the growing market for vapes, a vape pen startup was bound to get profits. Juul created its own market by appealing to smokers who quit or had plans to. They emerged with a trendy, high-nicotine vape pen which is its star product.

There are concerns about the health and safety of Juul due to its addictive potential and its plausible effect on teens. A food and drug administration query and the demands from Congress to do so have strengthened the need for a review into the product’s safety. Initiatives that are local like San Francisco’s ban on flavored tobacco has put pressure on the firm which has advertised fruity and sweet flavors as part of its marketing strategy.

Juuls have gained prominence in the American Teen market that has popularized it as a concept by posting selfies, videos and making it viral on social media. The product size is small much like a USB-stick and makes it portable. This practice has gained relevance as ‘Juuling’. Public health experts have deemed it to be problematic for teens as they are most susceptible to addiction.

The FDA has also started regulating the marketing practices of Juul and other related companies to decide whether they are safe. As of now, e-cig manufacturers do not need an FDA approval until 2022 summer. Many Congress members have publicly urged the FDA to look into their regulation. Juul’s chief administrative officer, Ashley Gould, however, said that the ideals of the company are that it was started by smokers with an intention to switch smokers from combustible to non-combustible products. They also have a number of campaigns directed at curbing underage age.

Several local governments have enacted bans on certain components of Vape Pens. In San Francisco, an initiative banning flavored products of tobacco like Juul pods was passed. Many prominent people have supported the move and suggested its expansion to other cities. Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, has called it an important step and should evoke actions from other cities on the issue.

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