5 Best Budgeted Hosting Services for Start-Ups

What is a Web Hosting Service?

As the name implies, a web hosting service that allows you to host your website on the internet. It is an essential requirement for having a running website and hence, it is necessary for any and every start-up which wants to have an online presence. 

Put in basic terms, a web hosting service is provided by a hosting provider. This hosting provider allocates a certain amount of processing power or space on a server for you. This space is then used to store all the data of a website online and make it visible to others. Servers carry all the information and files related to your site ranging from the code to images and even text.

There are many factors related to web hosting such as how much space you are provided, the hosting time, cost, etc. Thus, we have compiled this list for new start-ups who need to find the best Web Hosting services at budget prices.

5 Best Budget Hosting Service

1) Virmach


Virmach is a web hosting service that specializes in providing multiple web solutions to businesses at the cheapest prices possible. They cover a wast range of services other than just web hosting such as providing cloud storage, large servers, VPN servers, and much more at monthly pricing plans for companies. 

They are trusted by many and are present across 11 server locations across the United States. This helps them keep up their promise of 100% uptime.

Pricing Plans of Virmach


Check The Plan
1. Shared Hosting 

  • Priced for this base plan are $5 per month
  • An unlimited number of domains are allowed to be created
  • All basic services such as email and cPanel are included
  • 1024 MB of memory is provided

2. Reseller Hosting –

  • This plan is priced at $15 per month
  • All features of the above plan are included in this
  • You can create up to 20 cPanel accounts, all having access to 256 MB of memory

3. VPS Hosting –

  • Is their most premium hosting plan priced at $35 per month
  • All features of the above plans are included in this one
  • 4 GB of dedicated memory is provided in this plan
  • 2 IP address are included for users


  • Virmach offers a wide array of services, meaning that if you ever need to expand, they will have most of the services you’ll need.
  • All plans come with a lifetime free domain reducing the hassle of monthly renewal.


  • The site and its interface are a little outdated and may be hard to navigate
  • While e-mails may be unlimited in all plans, there is a limit to email traffic per hour under all plans except for VPS Hosting

2) Hostinger


Hostinger is a peppy hosting provider that gets the job done perfectly. The company was founded in 2004 and now boasts a massive 29 million users with subsidiaries in more than 150 countries. Hostinger is also the best overall rated out of all the services on this list. 

Even after this, Hostinger is also one of the cheapest Web Hosting Providers in the market and is currently also running massive offers slashing around 80% off of their base prices.

Pricing Plans of Hostinger


Check The Plan

1. Single Shared Hosting

  • This plan currently costs only $0.99 for the first month ($2.99 from the second month) and is ideal for beginners
  • Provides a maximum of 1 website to be hosted
  • 30 GB of storage is provided on a shared server for the single site
  • This plan can approximately support a maximum of 10,000 visitors per month

2. Premium Shared Hosting

  • This plan currently costs only $2.19 for the first month ($4.99 from the second month) and is great for personal websites and projects according to Hostinger
  • All features of the above plan are included in this plan
  • Up to 100 GB of SSD Storage is offered
  • A maximum of 100 websites can be created and hosted in this plan
  • 1 E-mail address can be created for each website bringing the total to 100

3. Business Shared Hosting

  • This plan currently costs only $3.99 for the first month ($8.99 from the second month) and is more optimized for small businesses
  • All features of the Premium Shared plan are included
  • 200 GB of SSD storage is available to users of this plan
  • Provides 20Gb file Storage per member
  • Daily backups of all data and sites are provided by Hostinger


  • All plans come with a 30-Day money-back guarantee so you can be sure before you end up paying too much
  • The company is currently running a massive sale making its prices perfect for budget requirements
  • All plans provide a free SSL Certificate for sites


  • The most basic plan is lacking in many features such as only allowing 1 site to be made
  • The discounted prices are only active for the first month, after which the prices more than double in all plans

3) NameSilo


NameSilo is a web hosting service that covers all the basics and does it efficiently without any unnecessary features or hassle. The company claims that it provides blazing fast servers combined with enterprise-level security and amazing support to make web hosting something that isn’t a headache for start-ups and businesses.

They mainly focus on domains but offer great hosting solutions as well as providing websites with SSL certificates.

Pricing Plans of NameSilo


Check The Plan

1. Starter 

  • This Plan is priced at $2.99 per month
  • Offers 20 GB of Storage on the server
  • Allows a maximum of 1 website to be hosted
  • All basic requirements like cPanel and an email address are provided in this plan

2. Premium

  • This plan costs $4.99 which is also billed monthly
  • Al features of the Starter plan are also provided
  • Up to 3 websites can be hosted with this plan

3. Turbo 

  • This Plan costs $8.99 per month
  • Offers all features of the Premium plan
  • Up to 60GB of storage is available for websites
  • 10 websites are the limit for hosting under this plan


  • All pricing plans are simple and even the cheapest plans offer all needed basic features.
  • The UI is delightful and easy to use reducing time wastage.


  • There isn’t much differentiation between plans and this makes choosing any of them a bit of a hassle.
  • SSL Certificates are not provided making this a sort of hidden cost for Start-Ups.

4) HostMantis


This service provides you with the same thing as the rest but with a large amount of flexibility and options to choose from. Just initially opening the site, you’ll be able to notice a large number of options for server hosting locations across the world. Along with this, HostMantis has been around for many years and has great customer reviews to back its authenticity.

Pricing Plans of HostMantis


Check The Plan

1. Entry 

  • This plan is priced at $3.95 monthly with other payment options as well that may slightly change the price
  • cPanel access, as well as unlimited Emails, are provided in this plan
  • Up to 25 GB of NVMe SSD storage is available
  • Daily Offsite backing is provided by HostMantis for your data

2. Advanced 

  • This plan is priced at $12.95 monthly with other payment options so the prices may vary
  • All features of the Entry plan are available in this plan
  • Provides up to 75 GB of NVMe SSD storage

3. Expert

  • Prices for this plan start at $19.95 per month although this may vary
  • All the features of the Advanced plan are provided in this plan as well
  • This plan is primarily meant for large scale businesses
  • Up to 125 GB of NVMe SSD storage is available under this plan


  • HostMantis has an easy to use Control Panel to access and control everything easily from a central location
  • All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can try it out without the risk of having to pay for an unnecessary service


  • HostMantis also does not provide an SSL Certificate which can be a costly overhead to buy separately

5) Bluehost

bluehost logo

Bluehost is one of the top companies when it comes to Web hosting and related products. They have been in business since 2002 and have been consecutively named the #1 recommended WordPress hosting provider since 2005 which is an impressive feat.

They primarily focus on providing web hosting services and currently have over 2 million websites running on their hosting across the globe.

Pricing Plans of Bluehost

bluehost logo

Check The Plan

1. Basic 

  • This plan is priced at ₹199 per month
  • Hosting is provided for up to 1 website
  • 50 GB of SSD storage is available for use
  • A free SSL certificate is provided
  • Up till 1 year from the purchase of the plan, a free domain will be provided

2. Plus

  • This plan is priced at ₹299 monthly
  • All benefits of the Basic plan are included
  • Unlimited SSD storage is available for users
  • An unlimited number of websites can be hosted under this plan
  • Microsoft Office E-mail integration is provided

3. Choice Plus

  • This plan is currently also priced at ₹299 monthly
  • All the benefits and features of the above plans are provided in this plan
  • Domain Privacy and Site backups are included in this plan

4. Pro 

  • This plan is priced at ₹859 billed monthly
  • All features of the Choice Plus plan are included
  • A dedicated Ip address is provided
  • 2 spam experts are provided by Bluehost to Pro users


  • BlueHost provides SSL certificates in all of its pricing plans reducing overall website cost
  • 24/7 Hosting support is provided by the company to users of all plans


  • There is no dedicated mail client of sorts and the company uses Microsoft Office E-mail which is only free for 30 days
  • The company has slightly lower overall ratings than some of the others on this list

6) HostHero


HostHero is an Australian company that aims at providing reliable hosting services to everyone. They have a large customer base and can mostly be heard about with positive reviews. The company is headquartered in Queensland and has response offices in both Australia and America.

They offer various hosting solutions such as VPS hosting and WordPress hosting for all customer needs. As for the pricing, it is split into 3 plans for your basic website hosting and these are-

Pricing Plans of HostHero


Check The Plan

1. Starter Cloud Plan

  • This plan is billed monthly and is priced at $3.95 a month
  • It is mainly suited for small start-ups and newer websites
  • Unlimited disk space is provided in this plan
  • E-mail accounts are also unrestricted and an unlimited amount can be created
  • An unlimited number of websites can also be hosted

2. Business Cloud Plan –

  • This plan is priced at $7.95 per month
  • Is meant for busier sites and WordPress
  • All benefits of the Starter plan are included in this
  • An SEO & Performance boost, as well as guidance, is provided by HostHero

3. Premium Cloud Plan

  • This plan is currently priced at $15.95 monthly
  • All the benefits and features of the Business plan are also provided in this plan
  • A free SSL Certificate is provided under this plan
  • Backup software is included to make sure data isn’t lost


  • All HostHero plans provide users with Unlimited storage and E-mail accounts which is a great benefit
  • The company provides 24/7 Customer Support for all customers


  • The lack of an SSL certificate on the lower plans is a bit of a hidden cost
  • As compared to the others on this list, this company isn’t as popular and trusted by large corporations

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