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Christian Guzman’s Startup Success with Alphalete

Christian Guzman is a successful man that build his own company called Alphalete Athletics. He was born in 1993 and he is an amateur bodybuilder from America. He is also active in Vlogging with his own channel on YouTube. He has uploaded so many videos related fitness. Then, he builds a startup of a fitness apparel brand. It is called Alphalete Athletic. Let us find out more about Christian Guzman’s startup success with Alphalete.

Alphalete Athletics is a startup that is owned by Christian Guzman is based in Houston Texas. Now, he also has his own drink products called UP energy drink. So, Guzman is not only successful on YouTube with 800000 subscribers, but he also owns some startups related to a gym. Though he was actually a member of a rock band in his school, he started to focus on learning fitness management and built his own program about fitness.

YouTube Vlog

Before he built Alphalete, he was a YouTube broadcaster or known as Vlogger. He has been uploading his videos since 2012. Most of his videos are about weightlifting and fitness tips, but some of the other videos become more general and he also talks about his personal life. He started his vlogging when he was 18 years old, and now he is still active while he also runs his own startup business despite he actually preferred to drop out of his college because he wants to focus on his career. His effort shows a bright path because he was thinking about running his own startup then.

Alphalete Athletics

Since he has already become a successful YouTuber, Guzman thought about running his own company. Eventually, he has started his startup called Alphalete Athletics that sells some lifestyle apparel and fitness products such as clothes, and other items. Ahtleisure is a term to describe his clothing products that refer to affordable but made from the high-quality material. Until now, he has a lot of customers all over the world and Alphalete has even joined bodybuilding events. Instead of Alpahlete Athletics, he also runs Alphalete Gym. It is an industrial style that is located in Houston. It seems that his career becomes brighter because he owns some startups and he is also known to have a net worth of around 2.5 million.

Keys to Success

Christian Guzma becomes a successful person because he is a hard worker. He believed that someday he would be successful. He was very optimistic about what he would be doing. Then, he started to vlogging and he now has a lot of subscribers from all around the world. After that, he was thinking about running an apparel shop. He becomes more successful since he has been running Alphalete Athletics until today along with its own Up energy drink products that are very popular among his customers and fans.

Finally, Christia Guzman’s success may become our inspiration to follow his path just in case we want to be a successful person too. But, it needs hardworking and we must not be hopeless. Be optimistic about what you think is right.




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