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Human Proof Designs Review | Discount Code in 2018

There are plenty of ‘cookie cutter’ sites out there, according to Dom Wells, founder of Human Proof Designs, who would put up the same site up for sale, again and again to hapless and unsuspecting buyers. The resultant site is neither unique nor functional. It’s why he decided to start Human Proof Designs! They not only come up with fantastic sites but also include manuals, help you gain the best services and a lot more. They sell customized ready-made sites and help you in the complete process of setting up your own site.

The #1 Source For Affiliate Marketing Sites and Services

Human Proof Designs

What is Human Proof Designs?

This is a place where you can go and purchase any pre-designed site. They do not just sell you sites which have been sold to 100s of customers but help you build successful and profitable affiliate websites. They have a team of website design experts, copywriters, and keyword researchers who can help you make a head start at making money online. They help you create an online business for yourself and are leaders in the internet marketing industry.

What are the Services and Products available on Human Proof Designs?

Monthly Article Subscription
See Details
See Details

This is the best aspect of Human Proof Designs. It offers various website services that can help you launch your site. A few of these services are for those who already own a website. They can also be used by those who want to build a new site for themselves.

Affiliate Sites – You can get the following

  • Ready Made Niche Site – $798 – $1298
  • Custom Made Niche Site – $798 – $1298
  • Aged Site – $1797(produces results quickly)


  • Monthly Article Subscription – $109 – $659/ month
  • Article Packs – $299 – $1298


All SEO related services like SEO packages, Press Release, PBN Links etc focussing entirely on white-hat methods.


Get packs of keywords, and your competitors keywords too and also access to exclusive information for as low as $69.


Step-by-step premier training to help you transform your affiliate site into a thriving online business – $497

Link Building Video Course
All relevant link building information combined with their own proven strategy  – $7

Amazon Affiliate Course
For those struggling to find a niche, this helps build your site, and get ranked – $49   SALE $7

Keyword & Content Method

This video course shows how to use content to drive traffic, convert leads, and increase sales. – $129

Pros and Cons of Human Proof Designs



One look at the site and you can see nicely designed websites. You get quality websites and many options to choose from compared to other sites.A little on the expensive side, however, you get value for money.
They get to know you really well so they can create a website you will love. Their sites are extremely functional and customized as per your needs.Hosting not provided.
There is a community of people who will help you after you purchase your website and provide quality after-sales services.
They help you in all aspects of business like content, keyword packages and much more information related to sites.
The founder helps you by providing information on the best tools out there in the market to meet your business needs.
Professional Team of writers and SEO specialists
Excellent aged websites which give you quick revenue

How Do you purchase a site on Human Proof Designs?

Human Proof Designs are not just giving you a website you have no knowledge about. They spend time with you to find out your requirements, find out what would be a good niche for you and customize accordingly. Other places do not offer you unique sites like them and they rank low in terms of quality and earning commissions.

  • All you need to do is purchase a site of your choice from them. They do all the initial work right from creating the site (such as getting the right plug-ins, creating a privacy policy, etc.)  And hand it over to you.
  • The sites are of good standards and make visitors click on your affiliate link.
  • You can purchase SEO, keywords and even content from them.
  • Each post has focused on monthly searches, unique content and all you need to do is keep upgrading the site with quality content!

Ratings from Customers

They have a very good rating from existing customers – 4.9/5

Human Proof Designs Customer Support

Human Proof Designs has excellent support to help you with anything you need. In fact, this is their USP. When you purchase a website, you get FREE on-going-tech support, lifetime access to their training library and email support.

They also have a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your site in any way they will give you your money back if you can always ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.


We feel Human Proof Designs is one of the better ones out there offering pre-made websites with the beginner in mind. They help people who wish to start an affiliate business with zero information and provide constant support. They are fairly priced for the big service they offer but the price tag may be a little steep for beginners. For those who wish to get into affiliate marketing, this is a great option!

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