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Sellics Review

Are you running your business through Amazon? Then you must be looking for tools to maximize your profits and increase traffic. Whether you are a seller, vendor, or an agency, the Sellics software is just for you. Sellics customers have augmented their ROI by 63% for Amazon PPC campaigns. There are thousands of sellers and brands that trust Sellics executions. In this post, we will elaborate on Sellics, its products, and features, making it an excellent tool for buyers and sellers on Amazon. 

What is Sellics?

It is an outstanding all-inclusive software devoted to helping you thrive on Amazon. With Sellics, you can boost your organic traffic, automatize PPC campaigns, record profits, and monitor overall growth. It also supports international markets for its users so that they get a broader scope to spread their business. Well-known brands like Mammut, Brita, BOSCH, ABG, ERIMA, and more trust this software and use them to flourish in their outcomes. 

On average, Sellics offers 1.6x ROI for Amazon PPC campaigns and experiences a 42% increase in revenue. The amazingly developed features of Sellics has made a name in popular journals like HuffPost, ComputerWorld, Forber, eMarketer, CNBC, etc. 

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Why Sellics?

The reasons why many brands have chosen Sellics are:

Most advanced Data Analytics

Amazon is developing every day, and so is the mechanism of Sellics. They perpetually evolve new attributes that let you make improved, data-driven conclusions to thrive on Amazon.

Security and Reclusiveness

Your data safety and privacy are very crucial. That’s the reason they are evocative of the obligation that comes with managing your information and making significant efforts to meet the advanced prerequisite.

Proficient Support

Their Amazon experts are skilled in assisting you with any problems that may happen. You can get in touch with them through chat or email.

Let’s have a look at the Sellics products and the related features that help in boosting your sales. 

Sellics Products

For Sellers

Amazon Seller Tools Maximize your Success Rate. Have a look at what all they can do:

Evaluate profit

Trail your profit continuously with our Amazon seller tools. They mechanically take off your Amazon & PPC fees, transportation (i.e., FBA), promotions, taxes, and value of goods. The statistics are recorded in actual-time end-to-end!

Improve Amazon PPC

Upsurge your income with one of the essential Sellics seller tools that are Amazon PPC Manager. Their progressive software assists you in realizing what precisely drives your campaign execution. You can lessen your working hours & automatize your campaign management with our machine-driven proffering solutions.

Tools to Ameliorate Rankings

Go through everything and modify the keyword rankings of your products for all applicable keywords. Look at how you can develop by gauging your products against top-grade sellers and contenders.

Handle Reviews

You can keep your clients satisfied and respond to counter reviews immediately. You will get informed directly for new user reviews you obtain on Amazon. Categorize your product reviews by their effect on your common star rating, and rank your consequences proportionately. 

Research Products on Amazon

Get ready to spread out your scope. Find out more bankable products for your growing Amazon business in a few clicks. Obtain access to the Sellics Product Database and refine through the topmost 10,000 best-selling products on Amazon.com in every product class.

Keep an eye on Competitors

Remain ahead of the rivalry by following your rival’s day-to-day sales and keyword rankings. The competition calculus attribute allows you to overlook costs and your buy box contribution. You will get notified whenever other sellers take over your listing.

Manage Stocklist

Never think of your stock again. Know exactly when you will run out of inventory based on your current sales rate. With the complete seller tools, you can define the tracking time for every product and get watchful for let out merchandise.

For Vendors

Whether you need to handle customer feedbacks, amend product database, modify your Amazon advertisements or trail the Buy Box, Sellics Vendor tools are the exact solution for your brand. 

Sellics provides a flooded collection of tools for your marketing, sales, and eCommerce requirements on Amazon. 

Let’s have a look at the features:

Amazon Ads

Hold on to your precious time and run gainful Amazon ads with their out-and-out PPC mechanization and daylong software. You devote to campaign lucrativeness and get the max of your Amazon advertisement expenditure.

Content & SEO

Expand sales by developing your search rankings on Amazon. Get keyword citations and easily determine optimization perspective across your complete product extent.

Client Feedback

Manage your brand reputation on Amazon. You will get alerts of new reviews and centralize your review management progress to present superior customer service.

Buy Box Observation

Acquire a summary of all sellers selling your products on Amazon. You will know 3P sellers undercutting your cost, and get informed when your product mislay the Buy Box.

Selling Analytics

Realize your structured & paid income development on Amazon. They pull your Amazon Advertising and ARA information by putting it into a single dashboard so you can simply watch how your ad execution influences your entire profit.

Sellics Agency Edition

It is the foremost across-the-board solution built for agencies. It has all the components and tools you require to develop your customers’ brand, upsurges their sales, and revamps their digital footmarks. Sellics has managed over $500 million ads globally, with 4000 plus brands in 9 international markets. The five fully integrated features help them to accomplish the agency goals- Amazon PPC, Content & SEO, Customer Feedback, Buy Box Monitoring, and Retail Analytics. 

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Other Products

Amazon PPC Software

The software helps you in maximizing your Amazon PPC Sales. Features of this software:

  • All-in-one Amazon PPC Software for Campaign Management & Automation
  • Automate Your Amazon Keyword Migration
  • Automate Your Keyword Bidding
  • Amazon PPC Day Parting
  • Amazon Sponsored Brands Management
  • Optimize Campaigns for Profit

Keyword Research Tool

Sonar is the free keyword research tool of Sellics for boosting Amazon sales. With Sonar, you can research Amazon keywords, and then Sellics will create listings that convert and track your Amazon keyword rankings. 

Keyword Ranking Tool

It is a brilliant Amazon ranking software that helps in boosting sales with Amazon SEO. It has everything needed to get more traffic and sales on Amazon. From researching Amazon keywords from the massive database to optimizing product listings that convert and then tracking your keyword rankings to drive performance. 

Why Sellics?

Sellics is the platform for e-commerce business, which is more powerful than Google or Facebook. It helps in accomplishing clients’ goals by offering them an additional advertising platform. Powerful machine learning and AI helps in managing campaigns more efficiently hence saving lots of time. Therefore, it leaves you with lots of time to plan your productive venture. 

You can give optimum results to your clients by giving them whatever they need to develop their brand on Amazon. 

Moreover, Sellics has a great support system structured for its users. The extensive support resources include weekly webinars, FAQ, knowledgebase, case studies, blog, and the AMZ Academy. You can contact them via email and messenger. They have an active account on all popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

You can find Sellics at the Amazon meetings and eCommerce events around the world. The upcoming events are Amazon Sales Kongress, Berlin, Ecommerce Berlin Expo, Amafest UK, Shop Talk 2020, and Prosper show in Las Vegas. 

Pros and Cons


  • Highly efficient tools for sellers and vendors
  • All-in-one platform to get successful on Amazon
  • AMZ Academy for free online learning courses for sellers and vendors
  • Huge Knowledgebase for users


  • Pricing not mentioned

Final Thoughts

therefor if you are running your business on Amazon, then Sellics will help you in running it more successfully. By managing every element of a profitable marketing campaign globally, Sellics offers all multi-functional products. Once you know how to utilize this platform optimally, there is no turning back. From fetching more traffic to automatizing your PPC campaigns, from boosting sales to tracking your profits, Sellics takes into account every component which is required for running a flourishing online business. 

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