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Top 10 Hottest American Startups of 2018

Startup company becomes a great phenomenon in the US that brings new innovations to support human life. This startup also develops globally including in the USA itself. There are so many new startups in America that brings creative ideas. Though running a startup company is not easy, some businessmen in the US have succeeded to make their startup companies grow. Here are some top 10 hottest American startups of 2018.


The first hottest startup of 2018 that is based in the US is Uber that runs a car rental and taxi service based on an app. It also has a lot of investors from other enterprises such as Baidu, Google venture, Benchmark Capital and much more.


Nowadays, Airbnb has a big asset as much as USD 25.5 billion with total investment as much as 2.4 million dollars. Some company like Sequoia Capita, Andreessen Horowitz, and other companies also did not hesitate to invest in this startup because Airbnb has its future prospect.


Another hottest startup in America goes to Snapchat that is basically still new in which it was first launched in 2012 by Spiegel in California. Some popular capital firms such as Alibaba, Yahoo, and even New York Capital Management also invest in Snapchat.


Elon Musk is a man behind this startup where he first started the company in 2002 in California. This startup is successful to get capital as much as 1.1 Billion dollar and they also get some investors from some popular enterprises such as Capricorn Capital Partners, Fidelity Investment, Google, Founders Fund, and much more.


Pinterest is a startup that runs in the field of social media network that was first built in 2008 in San Francisco. Today, this startup is led by Ben Silbermann and has obtained fun as much as 1.3 billion dollars with total valuation up to 11 billion dollars to challenge Facebook, Instagram, and even Whatsapp.


Citizen is a startup that can help people to avoid crime in their neighborhood. It is an app that can make people safe and it can inform the people all about crime in certain areas. This app can also give you a notification when you are in an emergency situation. Now, this startup has some investors and get funded as much as 13 millions dollar fro Sequoia Capital and other investors.


When somebody wants to seek for a job vacancy, it seems that Jopwell can be a good source. This startup has an incredible idea to help people find some jobs in various industries. Moreover, Jopwell also has some partners from popular enterprises such as Pinterest, Goldman Sachs, Facebook, Adobe, and others.


Meural is a nice startup that combines technology with fine art. In this case, homeowners can change their house wall accoridng to your wishes by simply swiping their fingers. Meural provides and sells digital canvas with HD display.


Quip is another startup of 2018 that can help people change the way they brush their teeth with their new advanced toothbrush. This can provide a solution for everybody in order to keep dental care under control.


Brookline is a startup that runs a business in the field of bedding. This new company becomes one of the best bedding suppliers and manufacturers in the US because they sell some luxurious bedding. So, homeowners can find some nice bedding products according to their wishes.


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