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How to get EB5 VISA and start a business in America

Starting a business in America is not impossible even if you are not originally born and do not live in the US. However, you may need EB5 Visa so that you can start your business in America. Many people dream of having a business in America, but they have no idea where to start. Though it is actually a bit complicated, you still have a chance as long as you know how to do it. Read these following steps to get EB5 Visa and start a busines in America.

Confirm Your Eligibility

First of all, you must become an accredited investor so that you can check some investment choices that are offered.  This is the basic regulation that has been made since many decades ago. In this case, you will get some questions including personal questions like your finances and the complete some questionnaires given.

Choose Your Investment

After you become an accredited investor, you can check some options for the investment that you want to join and choose. Basically, the choices are still the same in which you can choose to invest in real estate projects with $500000 investment.

Hire an Immigration Lawyer

It is important to hire an attorney, but you do not need to worry because there are some law services that are ready to help you at affordable prices.

Get Ready for Visa Petition

Your lawyer will help you deal with some documents related to visa petition in which you must prepare birth certificates, tax returns, and much more. Basically, this step will take a long time up to 3 months.

File Your Petition

After preparing the documents required, you can start to submit the application with the help of your attorney. In this case, you need to pay the cost but the number may vary.

Manage Your Investment

Well, this section is not your duty and let the service handle it for you. Your investment will start on behalf of your name. In this case, you will choose estate project investment across the country. You are no need to worry because you will also get some reports related to the project status.

Be Patient

Your application may not be accepted instantly because it usually takes about more than one year depending on the queue. So, it is really important that you need to wait for it and always be patient.


After one year later, your application finally will be granted and you are about to have interview sections in US embassy located in your country. Then, they will accept you and you are ready to move to the US because you already hold a Green Card.

Well, those are a few steps if you want to have EB5 VISA and start a business in America. It is actually easy but you also need to be patient because it takes a few months until your application is accepted. Once approved, you can hold a Green Card permanently while you continue with the completion of the investment and do not forget to renew your green card every 10 years.


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