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Casey Neistat’s Startup Stories and How He Inspires the Next Generation

Casey Neistat is a vlogger and filmmaker that is active on YouTube. Beme was his first startup, but he already shut it down a few months ago. Neistat is a creative man who was born in 1981 in Connecticut. He even did not finish his school during junior high school. He was a difficult man and he even left his family to seek for his own life. In short, he started vlogging and uploaded his first video “scariest day of my life” a few years ago.

Neistat’s Career with Beme

Neistat began to upload a daily video on Youtube since March 2015, and then he informed that he would incorporate with Matt Hackett to build a mobile app for video sharing which was called Beme on July 2015. Beme was a cool app that users could use to edit video content that they found in social media. Then, users were able to share the videos with other subscribers, but they could not review them. Simply, users could only give reactions to the uploader or sending their own photographs.

It seemed that Beme got its success because since Beme was first released, there were so many users on Beme who also shared videos over one million videos. One year later, CNN informed that they would acquire it with a fantastic value. Then, Matt Hackett sent emails to the entire Beme users that they would shut down Beme. A few months later, Neistat uploaded a video about Beme update in which he stated that he did not work on Beme anymore. He said that he was not fired, but Beme and CNN were no longer work together.

However, since he does not work anymore with Beme and Beme is no longer available, he still wants to run a new project which is fresher and better. Even though he was frustrated to work in a team, he knew that there would be a better way to awake. Eventually, he has a new project that was first released on April 2018 called 368.

Neistat’s Career with 368

The day that he was waiting for is coming since he was not working with Beme anymore because he now works with 368. He is going to start uploading his daily vlogs again with fresher stories. He intends to create something bigger and he wants to tell a story of his life. In this case, he will work with other artists such as YouTube stars, filmmakers, podcasters, and even musician. Meanwhile, the name of his vlog channel called 368 is taken from his address where this project begins at 369 broadway that was also the base of Beme. In this project, Neistat will collaborate with Dan Mace as his editing partner. Though this business is still fresh and new, he is always optimistic that it will be successful because he currently has over 9 million subscribers from all around the world.

Finally, that’s a brief story of Casey Neistat when he was working with Beme until he shut it down because of a certain reason. But, today he has a new project that is better than Beme and he feels optimistic about it.

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