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A San Francisco based startup, Knock Knock raises $2M

There are many startup companies in the gaming scene that provide interesting, concept-based games. One such company is Knock Knock.  They are a team who believes that chat platforms work dually both for connecting with friends and to play games. They build chat-native games that work well during chatting and even work best on chat platforms. It is headquartered in San Francisco and is made up of the best in the industry. The CEO Andrew Friday was a senior product manager at Zynga, co-founder Andrew N Green was the business operations head at TinyCo. Apart from this, they have a member from EA also, thus all industry biggies talent is part of the startup. They have recently received a $2 million in a seed funding round that was led by Raine Ventures, London Venture Partners that is Supercell and Unity. Ludlow Ventures and Gregory Milken are also participating in this round.

Since they don’t build chat fiction, they are designing bots which will address the chats without disturbing the flow of the game. Thus there is no interaction which alters the user interests and dynamics. They plan to use bots in innovative ways by introducing group chat, messaging momentum into game dynamics. Currently, they are building for Facebook Messenger and WeChat which will release in 2018 and 2019. It is said to be a frictionless experience as there is no download and there is a seamless connection between games and chatting with friends. Most games that cater to chat plus games are limited to certain genres and this makes it monotonous for users. They plan to rework on these fundamentals and create new interesting themes and genres that can be experimented upon. Friday also said that they focused on casual games instead of thoughtful, deeper games as they are for a chat as well as a gaming platform. The venture capital partners were impressed by their track record and the zealous team and felt that ushering life into their vision would make for a good investment.

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