' /> Booksy, The Worldwide Booking System Raises $13.2 Million

Booksy, The Worldwide Booking System Raises $13.2 Million

Booksy is a Poland based booking application that works for the beauty sector. The company was founded in the year 2014 by Stefan Batory and Konrad Howard is receiving record bookings of more than 2.5 million bookings per month. Booksy is a marketplace for beauty to find, schedule and manage appointments with stylists. It has recently raised an amount of $13.2 million in a series B effort to expand its company. It has raised from venture capitalists like OpenOcean, Piton Capital, Kulczyk Investments and Zach Coelius.

Stefan Batory has also co-founded iTaxi which is the most popular Taxi-hailing app in Poland. He is also an ultramarathoner. He launched Booksy when he realized the hassle of trying to book appointments for a physiotherapy session. He would come home sore due to all the running and feel the need for a physiotherapist but it would be virtually impossible to contact him. This became a seed for the launch of Booksy. They also launched in the US in 2017 and have quickly earned the coveted number 1 spot on booking apps range.

Batory added that the funding would be used to drive global growth, recruit talent of high profile and develop necessary technologies that will support their growing beauty businesses. They also have an implementation of one-click booking, a characteristic that uses AI technologies and machine learning to determine each user’s requesting patterns and buying of services. They also get to choose from a wide range of services and have more customized deals for app users.

It also allows business owners to manage their appointments, client database, and preferences digitally. They also have a ranking system and strive towards optimal client satisfaction. Clients can book across Facebook, Instagram, Google or the Booksy app. The new funding will enable them to go for a more diverse experience with their stakeholders. He started Booksy which schedules the beauty calendar and provides users with a smart appointment solution. This led to Booksy for clients and Booksy Biz for Businesses.

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