With Google Stadia’s Launch In November, You Can Play These Exciting Games

Google had unveiled its game-streaming service, Google Stadia in March this year. Following this announcement, it was furthermore excitement for all the gamers out there who were very happy as the pricing and availability of the much-awaited game streaming service at Stadia Connect was announced. Further adding to this, Google announced a gaming line-up as well which would be available on its game streaming service which is cloud-based.

Google Stadia is said to be officially launching in November in as many as 14 regions which include the US, UK, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Finland, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Germany, Norway along with a total of 31 games from 21 publishers. Launch details for countries like India haven’t been announced yet. It is said that more games would be added to the list in upcoming E3 2019. Very few games are absolutely brand new with most of them existing on other gaming platforms. Some of the most popular games on the line up include Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Destiny 2, Mortal Kombat 11, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. The list of new games includes Baldur’s Gate 3, Darksiders Genesis, et al.

It is to be noted that for Google Stadia to work best, you’ll need 10mbps minimum download and a 1mbps upload. With the 10mbps download, it would only get you 720p gaming and for 4K 60fps with an HDR gaming experience, you’d need around 35mbps. You should also be able to play these games on Chromecast Ultra, Google Chrome browser, and the Pixel devices only during launch. It is said that more devices will be supported post-launch. The cost for Google Stadia will be around $130 (around INR 9,000) which is for the Founder’s edition and $9.99 (about INR 700) for the months following that would be charged. The $130 Founder’s edition is said to be available for pre-order and includes a Chromecast Ultra puck, a limited-edition Night Blue controller, and two Stadia Pro subscriptions for three months.

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