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Game Institute Review – Top Video Games Design and Development Courses

Game Institute™ provides training in the field of video game design and development for learners of all experience levels.
Game Institute is the name that first comes to mind when we speak of training for video game design and development. They specialize in teaching you all important skills associated with creating graphics, art, and codes for video games. Founded in 2001, the company is an ecliptic mix of programmers, teachers, and artists who pride themselves on training several thousands of designers and game developers who have made a mark in the field of video game programming and design.

Top Courses in Game Institute

Game Art & Design
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Game Programming
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The best part of Game Institute is that there’s something for everyone – be it a beginner or experienced person, you can seek a structured certification program available with either them or their accredited education partners. For everyone from high school students to industry pros, their members represent various facets of game developers who work on independent projects.

What are the Courses Available on Game Institute?

Here’s a view of the course catalog covering all aspects of gaming including programming, design and certification.

Game Art and Design

Learn art and animation for games with some hands-on instructional videos which is targeted at artists and programmers.

  • 3D Modelling I
  • 3D Modelling II
  • Elements of Visual Design

and a lot more!

Game Development

Learn all aspects of game development right from graphics, audio, music and inputs and make you design your own commercial quality games. These courses will teach you the way all games are made with their detailed video tutorials.

  • Dead Earth
  • Invasion Earth
  • Balls of Steel

Video Game Programming

Get set for some really incredible and exclusive game programming tutorials available on the internet. These courses have been designed by accomplished programmers and authors and teach you all about how to program games.

  • C++ Programming I
  • C++ Programming II

and more.

Certification Programs

The Game Institute Training Programs are designed and taught by industry veterans and are offered throughout the world in colleges and universities.

  • Digital Game Artist Certificate

This certification once complete, helps students have multiple employable skills including modeling game props and characters, animation, importing required elements into game specific software etc.

  • Video Game Design and Development

Video game design and development skills can be mastered by the end of this program and you would have created your own video game. You will be all set to join a team working on gaming projects.

What are the projects available on Game Institute?

With the Game Institute, it’s not just about courses! They also train you in-house with practical commercial quality games. Start with a completely blank screen, and begin to understand every aspect of games – design, programming, art, marketing, and distribution. For those with no prior knowledge of gaming, worry not, you also get access to foundation level training suitable for beginners.

What is included in your Game Institute Membership?

Once you sign in through either Monthly or Yearly package, you get access to the many exclusive features and content. The access is provided as long as your membership is valid beyond which you will have to renew it again.

  • Access to ALL Courses
  • Video Tutorials
  • Slide + Audio Lectures
  • Textbooks (PDF)
  • Source Code and Samples
  • Downloadable Projects
  • Community Forums
  • Royalty Free Game Art
  • Live Stream Access
  • Blogs and Social Network

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Game Institute Plans

What’s the Difference between the Game Institute Membership and Certification Program?

When it comes to certification, you get it along with a Standard Membership as well as additional faculty support, graded assignments and course completion certificate awarded by a proper college.

Reviews on Game Institute

Most of the customers have positive reviews and love the quality of the courses. Most of them have rated them with 5 ***** and are extremely happy with the quality of the projects, courses, and certification offered. We found the courses to be engaging, well-explained with interactive videos and tutorials and give you deep insights into the world of video gaming.


Game Institute is the most sought after when it comes to courses on online video games programming and designing. They have produced 1000s of gaming developers and designers who have entered the industry and are sought after by budding designer.

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