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ProWritingAid Review – Best Writing Tool for All

Writing is an art and there is no doubt about it. It requires one to have the right mindset, detached approach to the subject, own sense of style and a passion for the alphabet. Many times, writers face what we call a ‘writers block’. It becomes difficult to write mostly due to repetitiveness, lengthiness, spelling mistakes, and style or contextual errors. ProWritingAid is a useful tool that comes to your rescue at that time.

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What is ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is an online tool that is an editor and a personal writing coach. The application works on all types of write-ups, articles, and paras to amend errors, spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes, and contextual errors. It will help identify and correct where we are wrong when formulating content. It scans and corrects the following-

  • Vague wording
  • Repetitiveness
  • Overcomplicated sentences
  • Dependence on adjectives, adverbs
  • Passive and active voice usage issues
  • Sentence length issues
  • Plagiarized content

Plagarism Check ProwritingProIt also helps users increase the knowledge by building on their writing skills, vocabulary, framing skills and more. It has a built-in explorer and a thesaurus to help users express more clearly.

What are the Benefits of using the ProWritingAid Tool?

  • Time-saving integrations
  • Sensitive style suggestions
  • Supports various OS
  • Thesaurus report
  • Find repeated words
  • Detailed explanations

Who can use ProWritingAid for best results?

  • Fiction writers
  • Bloggers
  • Content writer
  • Students
  • Business writers
  • Small Businesses
  • Freelancers

Language Supported: English


ProWriting Aid Integrations
It is important for a tool to be compatible with multiple devices. Many tools, though are not usable on multiple OS software and systems. ProWritingAid is amazing in that way. It has built integrations more than any other editing software and so the issue of copy-paste text from one program to another reduces rapidly. It works with multiple Operating systems to support your files in the best possible manner.

  • For Microsoft Word

ProWritingAid has a Microsoft plugin that directly integrates with your word processor and supports all documents on Microsoft Word format.

  • Chrome Extension

ProWritingAid has an easy to install a browser extension that will allow you to edit from anywhere. It is compatible with Gmail, Facebook, WordPress, Alexa, and multiple websites.

  • For Google Docs

ProWritingAid has a compatible plug-in that integrates directly with word-processor so that one can use the editing software as per wish and requirement. It works directly and is easy to use for many applications.

  • For Scrivener, Open Office, Other Formats

ProWritingAid has an adaptable app for opening, editing and saving Scrivener projects without losing any formatting. It works on multiple formats like Open Office, Rich Text, HTML, Word, Markdown, and others.

How does it work?

ProWritingAid allows users to find the right words and change the styles efficiently. It integrates seamlessly with multiple solutions to save time, avoid mistakes and expand capabilities. It works by-

  • Proofreading line to line
  • Improving content presentation
  • Improves readability
  • Intuitively suggests a better style
  • Contextual thesaurus report


Pricing ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid offers enterprise pricing options for its users. They are all mentioned below.

  • ProWritingAid Free

In this option, one does not have to pay anything and receives features like-

  • Summary reports up to 20
  • Reports on key issues
  • 19 writing reports
  • One can edit up to 500 words at a time
  • Can be used only online
  • ProWritingAid Premium

This plan enables the entire tool’s editing power without any limitations.

  • There is no word count limit
  • One can analyze reports, articles, and chapters
  • All features from the free version
  • It is a desktop as well as app compatible
  • Can work on multiple integrations like Word, Google Docs, Chrome etc

Cost and Plans

Time Duration Price
1 Year$50
2 Years$75
3 Years$100
  • ProWritingAid Premium Plus

It has all the features of the Premium version and also more. It has a plagiarism checker and zeroes limitations.

  • No word count limits
  • 50 plagiarism checks per year
  • Makes sure of originality
  • Best for academic journals and papers
Time duration Price
1 Year$60
2 Years$95
3 Years$130

How to get ProWritingAid License at Best Prices?

ProWritingAid is a tool meant to ease your writing business and further your interests with what you seek. Its prime motive is education. It aims to provide unique editing tools where students can learn good writing techniques and prevent plagiarism.

  • Students can get a fast track discount of 20% off when you enter the designated academic e-mail address in a given form to receive a coupon code that will unlock the premium version of ProWritingAid. If one does not have an ID, they can send evidence of student status.

They also offer substantial best prices for multiple licenses to purchase or Bulk Purchasing.

  • For 3-4 licenses, one gets 10% discount
  • For 5-9 licenses, 15% discount
  • For 10-15 licenses, 20% discount
  • For 16 or more licenses, 25% discount


The website is run by a group of writers so they appreciate concerns about privacy and security. They do not keep any data or store or sell your content. Even the free version does not store any information so your privacy is intact.

Final Thoughts

ProWritingAid is a great tool for correcting how the world views your articles, theories or journals. It creates formatting, replaces repeated words, grammar checking and works to appeal to users. This amazing tool is thus best for academic experts and others to improve clarity and writing. ProWritingAid is thus that all-in-one tool you can use for all your writing needs. It will improve both readability and make writing easier.

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