' /> Generation Mindful Review – Fun Way to Connect across Generations

Generation Mindful Review – Fun Way to Connect across Generations

Generation Mindful is an awesome site that offers toys, tools and various programs to connect across generations providing bonding and meaningful learning for young kids. It also endears the older generation to the young ones thereby nurturing human spirit. It was founded by physical therapist, and mom of four, Suzanne Tucker who wanted to help parents connect with their kids, especially when they were stressed.

What’s Available on Generation Mindful?

According to Susan, play is the vital way to nurture young minds. So she offers you hosts of programs, and toys to play and connect.

Time in toolkit
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Positive parenting
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32 feeling faces
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  • Peacemakers

One of the most popular games on the site is Peacemakers. It consists of a 42-card deck of 7 grown up cards and 35 kid cards. Each card bears a message that falls into one of the seven themes such as love, joy etc. Every theme has its own animal too. Kids pull out a card, read it and talk about it. It helps build EQ or emotional intelligence and helps kids communicate more effectively. This game helps both parents and kids maintain their emotional balance.

  • Positive Parenting Courses which can be taken online

This is a six-part online video class series which teaches you to discipline children positively. Deals with a number of issues faced in everyday like sibling rivalry, undisciplined children, setting boundaries and so on.

  • Toolkits like Time-IN

The Time-In Toolkit helps you create a calming space for children in homes, classrooms, daycare centers, therapy settings and more. It is suited for ages 3+ through 9. Contains charts, coloring books, cards and a whole lot of interesting stuff.

  • Tees

Fun tees which kids will love!

  • Posters

Kids learn to recognize and understand facial expressions and feeling with the posters like 32 Feeling faces poster.

  • Mindful Makers School Program

A professional development program for preschools and elementary schools which helps provide a nurturing environment even for challenging behavior. This is a 3-part program which develops social and emotional skills of the entire school.

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Other Points to Remember

  • All items will be shipped within 1-2 business days and you will receive them within 4-10 days.
  • When you subscribe they will send you a free Generation Mindful Manifesto to enjoy.

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